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Conserving Water

Sprinkler System water conservation

Water is a precious resource and conserving it is everyone’s responsibility. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a green lawn and beautiful landscape.

With a custom-designed irrigation system, each area of your landscape will be fitted with the proper water-saving sprinklers and spray heads, plus a controller that will turn the system on and off…automatically and on a precise schedule. The end result will be a likely reduction in water bills and a definite savings of time and effort.

Irrigation products have been designed for maximum water efficiency:

  • Gear-driven sprinklers apply water slowly so it soaks in without runoff
  • Precision-engineered nozzles apply water evenly, preventing brown spots
  • Spray heads keep water on turf and plants and off walkways and walls
  • Controllers feature smart, rain sensor capabilities to prevent unnecessary watering…and there also such features as “no water” days, extra watering cycles, and seasonal adjustments
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